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  • The Dawes – Paste Magazine….Link Nr.2,8,10 are down. I´d be grateful for uploading. 1000 Thanks

    Stan Laurel

    25 octubre 2015

  • Please list it in the repairs post on top of the blog


    26 octubre 2015

  • Imelda May – PARTE 3 Cazorla Blues 2015
    Motorhead – PARTE 1, 4, 5, 6 y 7 Rock Am Ring 2004
    Black Crowes – PARTE 2 Akena Rock Festival
    Chris Isaak – PARTE 1, 3, 6, 8 HSB 2014

    Rockin' Central

    29 octubre 2015

  • Daniel

    12 febrero 2016

  • hace mucho q está caído… gracias!!!!!!!


    12 febrero 2016

  • hola
    Chameleons Vox, Script Of The Bridge Tour, Het Depot, Leuven, 13 May 2014
    Links caidos: parte 1,4 y 9



    21 febrero 2016

  • Hola,
    Bob Mould, at the Rey theatre:
    link muerto de la parte 11
    Kyuss Lives Pink Pop:
    Link muerto parte 3

    Muchas gracias.

    guillermo garcia

    12 marzo 2016

  • Hola,
    Bruce Springsteen, Rock in Rio 2013
    link muerto de la parte 5.
    Muchas Gracias


    27 mayo 2016

  • re: FROM THE BASEMENT series 1 episode 1
    would it be possible to re-up part 11 please?
    many thanks in advance…


    27 mayo 2016

  • I will repost everything but will take time. Rigth now I am deleting all the files from the incomplete DVDs, all will be fresh uploads for the whole lot, no individual files. Be patient.


    24 julio 2016

  • La parte 5 de Pretty Maids – Wacken 2013 dice:
    File Unavailable
    This file is no longer available due to an unexpected error. If you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.
    Please contact support if you require further assistance.

    Podrías volver a subirla? Muchas gracias…


    24 julio 2016

  • Las reposiciones comenzarán cuando me instalen la fibra óptica y seguiré sistemáticamente el orden de las carpetas en el servidor. Cuando ese concierto se piblique de nuevo aparecerá en lo alto del blog.


    24 julio 2016

  • Faltantes en Red Hot Chili Peppers – Rock Am Ring 2004…


    26 julio 2016

  • Eso tiene que esperar a la gran reposición de otoño, como otros cientos más.


    27 julio 2016

  • Al otoño de que pais te referis?


    21 agosto 2016

  • Obviamente este blog no está en el cono sur americano ¿no?


    22 agosto 2016

  • Bueno, avisa cuando este listo para descargar 🙂


    24 agosto 2016

  • Hello

    Love your site.

    Just to let you know link 17 is dead. Could you please reload it



    Link 17

    20 agosto 2016

  • Hello
    Love your site.

    The Church – Fairfield StageOne. Just to let you know link 17 is dead. Could you please reload it


    21 agosto 2016

  • Will check, don´t have that hard disc connected right now.


    21 agosto 2016

  • Please can you reupload the following parts please
    The Residents La Edad De Oro Part 5
    Echo & The Bunnymen La Edad De Oro SF03 Part 3 Part 6
    Psychic TV La Edad De Oro SF18 Part 4
    The Damned La Edad De Oro SF29 Part 2

    Gracias 🙂


    21 agosto 2016

  • Must wait till I get the the optic fibre, sorry.


    22 agosto 2016

  • Hi there, thank you for your work! Many special thanks for posting Sufjan Stevens, you seem to be the only one on earth to post videos from these incredible shows.
    Sorry to say that Sufjan @ Sasquatch part 6 is down. I’ll wait patiently, please load it up again.
    Regards, Christian


    28 agosto 2016

  • Older DVDs must wait till optic fibre comes to my little town but Sasquatch 2016 is recent and the files are on hand so that file will be repost soon.


    29 agosto 2016

  • Ola!!

    I’m very happy that I finally found the full The National footage from Down The Rabbit Hole! But unfortunately link 8 is dead… Can you please reload it? I’ve been at the concert and even screamed a little bit of mr November with Matt 😉 Thank you so much! Keep up the good work and merry Christmas 🙂

    Kind regards,


    24 diciembre 2016

  • New #8 added


    25 diciembre 2016

  • Arctic Monkeys – Reading Festival 2014

    The file N° is corrupt

    Claudio Espinoza

    22 agosto 2017

  • Dear Sir,

    Hi… I hope You are fine there.

    Following part is deleted, could You Please re-upload it?

    all the best…


    23 enero 2019

  • Steve Wynn #6 is up again. Enjoy


    2 febrero 2019

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