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Interpol – Rock Am Ring 2011 (UP21)

3 de junio de 2011, O2 Alternastage, Nurburgring

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Rock Am Ring
O2 Alternastage
Nurburgring, Germany
June 3, 2011

Broadcast by Eins Plus
DVB-S Recording w/Topfield
Authored with DVD Studio Pro
45.24 Minutes
Artwork included

Video: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 16/9, 25 fps
Audio: MP2 stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kpbs
Data bit: 5,86 Mbps

Say Hello To The Angels
Hands Away
The New
Summer Well *
The Heinrich Maneuver *
Length of Love *
Memory Serves *
Slow Hands *
Not Even Jail
Obstacle 1

* Not broadcast

Enjoy and share
kigonjiro.com 2011

Not For Sale – DVD Gratuito

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  • Congratulations for the blog, besides really GOOD stuff you have such a beautiful interface!

    i ‘m always trying to leave my own blog with agreable look too!



    PS. Interpol rocks ! downloading already (and do not worry, i won’t leech the links to repost, it’s not my way of work)


    27 junio 2011

  • I don´t worry at all, as more people would be able to enjoy these DVDs the better. That´s the main reason behind my work here. So repost anytime what you like from here, the only thing I will ask is not to do it in the first 2 weeks after their publising date to give almost a little window to the author (about 80% of the blog content is from my own recordings and authoring).


    Edit: Visiting your blog a minute ago I see that your last post is U2 at Glastonbury. My own edtion from the original HDTV .TS files is coming later tonight (not from your files, the one at DIME or others).


    28 junio 2011

  • miiiiiiiiiiiil graciassssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    28 junio 2011

  • Agradecendo, muito obrigado pelo UP. excelente Show

    Gabriel Oliveira

    6 abril 2012

  • Thank you. I’ve always wanted Interpol concert footage. The band has released some footage from its first shows on the «Turn on the Bright Lights» reissue, but nothing else. I used to enjoy going to concerts, but younger fans keep talking during songs and that’s ruined it for me. Watching concert DVDs is my favorite way to get around that. Much better sound quality than actually being there and being too close to one speaker or hearing some crowd member’s voice interfere with the subtleties of a performance. I’m thrilled you have this site and all the work you do.


    2 diciembre 2013

  • chevere la web, please podrian subir la parte 8


    9 julio 2015

  • Imposible en época de festivales, pídelo cuando veas un post en lo alto del blog preguntando por archivos dañados, será después del verano, Mientras tienes mucho Interpol y otras cosas interesantes para descargar y disfrutar, mira el índice.


    9 julio 2015

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