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The Hives – Reading Festival 2014 (UP21)

Main Stage, 23th August 2014


TheHivesReading2014 copy

The Hives
Reading Festival
Main Stage
23th August 2014

BBC Webccast 720p captured by Jerpaa
Authored with DVD Studio Pro by kigonjiro
51.08 Minutes
Artwork included

Video: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 4/3, 25 fps
Audio: MP2 Stereo, 48 kHz, 128 kpbs

Come On!
Take Back the Toys
Walk Idiot Walk
Two Kinds of Trouble
See Through Head
Main Offender
I Want More
Go Right Ahead
Won’t Be Long
Tick Tick Boom
My Time Is Coming
Hate To Say I Told You So

Enjoy and share
kigonjiro.com 2014

Not For Sale – DVD Gratuito

Descarga desde/Download from FileFactory

Download the artwork from here. Aquí puedes descargar la portada.

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  • When I click on the FileFactory link, and then enter the Captcha code to get the links, I get «Password Required. Enter decrypt key:»
    It never did this before when downloading.
    It also does this when trying to download the Rob Zombie DVD.
    Does anybody know why? or where to get the password/decrypt key?

    Exact message on this page http://binbox.io/fqhIF:
    Password Required
    The correct URL should appear like this: http://binbox.io/fqhIF#password
    Enter decrypt key:


    29 agosto 2014

  • Try to delete the caché or change the browser. By the way the part of the full link that BB ask as passwork for that link is #igUElTn9 but must me included directly when you press the link. Hope you solve the problem, is in your side, believe me.


    29 agosto 2014

  • I got the same problem once and could solve it with pressing the «previous page» button or «F5» key, I cannot remember…


    29 agosto 2014

  • Thanks for your help.
    Simply using a different browser fixed the problem.
    I then went and cleared the cache with the first browser, just to see of it worked, but still got the same problem. There is a work around by just using the text from the original url link and entering it in as the «password», but it’s faster just to use the different browser.
    Thanks again.


    1 septiembre 2014

  • Seems link #4 is no longer available. Would really appreciate if that could be uploaded again.


    11 mayo 2015

  • Part #4 não está mais disponível. Por favor, fazer o «upload» novamente.

    Gabriel Fernandes

    14 mayo 2016

  • All link’s OK
    Muito Obrigado!

    Gabriel Fernandes

    13 diciembre 2016

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