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Time to help for another year – Hora de ayudar para seguir un año más

Is time to guarantee the blog life for one more year. To guarantee another year of live shows in HD (and occasionally on DVD) I need your help. I have already paid the file servers (2 accounts) till January 2021 but still need to renew the domain and the web server.

All the donations will help and will be welcome. You can help using the Paypal donation buttons in Euro or Dollar.

Ha llegado el momento de garantizar la vida del blog por un año más. Garantizar otro año de conciertos en HD (y ocasionalmente en DVD) precisa de vuestra ayuda. Ya he pagado dos cuentas del servidor de archivos que garantizan su permanencia hasta enero de 2021, pero aún necesitan renovarse el dominio y el servidor web.

Todas las donaciones ayudan y son bienvenidas. Puedes ayudar usando los botones de Paypal en Euros o Dólares.

  • My dear friend, count me in!
    Big hug!


    24 mayo 2019

  • Done my Friend!


    24 mayo 2019

  • If you raise money then upload stuff to normal speedy hosts not ones you got money from for downloads you cheap f u ck


    7 julio 2019

  • When we started we used the two better host at that time (Rapidshare and Megaupload) to have all the files backed. And we lost all, the files and the years that we paid in advance. Only with the help of a few volunteers we were able to recover almost all the shows in the blog. Now we have 2 accounts in Filefactory, without problems since we started using it.

    I know that is not very fast for the people without premium accounts but we are safe with them. And, by the way, this is not about money, this is not a business, to maintain this cost me money for some years till I decided to ask for people collaboration to pay the expenses. This is not porn, movies or illegal music, no millions of downloads here, no advertisement or orther way to raise money, the rewards from the server are used to generate more server time (right now we have the 2 servers granted for 2 more years). And the only other way to use these rewards are Amazon cards for the USA shop, not my country or other countries. So if you think that this is some kind of business you are wrong.

    If you don´t like the speed of Filefactory you are free to search for the shows in another place. This is a free world.


    7 julio 2019

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