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Bob Mould performing Copper Blue – El Rey Theatre (REPOST)

Los Angeles, CA, 30 October 2012


BobMouldElReyTheatre copy

Bob Mould
(with bassist Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster)
Copper Blue Tour
El Rey Theater
Los Angeles, CA

Video Source: Sony HX9V PS 1080p60

Audio Source: Church Audio CA-14 Cards >
Church Audio CA-9200 Pre-Amp +15/100% >
Sony PCM-M10 Rec Level 4 (@ 44.1khz/24bit)

Location: Left Side, 20 Ft from monitor

Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 > PC
Adobe Audition (Trim, Normalize, fade in/out)
Audacity (convert to 16bit) >
CDWav (for track splitting) >
FLAC Frontend (FLAC)

DVD Authoring
Sony Vegas 10.0 >
Audio/Video Sync >
MPEG2 Widescreen Video VBR 7350kb/s
Audio 384kb/s
TMPGEnc DVD Author 3
Taper: chrisedge

01. The Act We Act
02. A Good Idea
03. Changes
04. Helpless
05. Hoover Dam
06. The Slim
07. If I Can’t Change Your Mind
08. Fortune Teller
09. Slick
10. Man on the Moon
11. Star Machine
12. The Descent
13. Round The City Square
14. I Apologize (Husker Du song)
15. Something I Learned Today (Husker Du song)
16. Chartered Trips (Husker Du song)
17. Keep Believing
18. Celebrated Summer (Husker Du song)
19. Makes No Sense At All (Husker Du song)

Enjoy and share
kigonjiro.com 2013

Not For Sale – DVD Gratuito

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  • Thank you for posting this.
    When I click on File Factory for this one it says: «The paste you requested is not available».
    Are others having this problem?


    8 agosto 2013

  • It seems that someone has filed a DMCA notice for this and the Binbox people has deleted the links. I don´t know why, Bob Mould is not on the NAB list and this show is being shared without any problem in the trackers.

    Will put a new link from textsnip to make it available and if someone has a complain what must do is to sent a mail to me, Identify himself and give me a good reason to no make this available for everyone. Is that easy.


    8 agosto 2013

  • Thanks.


    9 agosto 2013

  • there are problems with Part 09


    15 agosto 2013

  • Server side issues, need to have that solved by the server support people it seems that we have some kind of “ghost in the machine”


    15 agosto 2013

  • Todo esto es problemas del servidor, no voy a re-subir nada antes de que resuelvan el problema.


    15 agosto 2013

  • Hola Txomin,

    Parece que la parte 9 no aparece. Llevo unos días esperando pero nada.



    25 agosto 2013

  • Por favor, lee antes de preguntar.


    26 agosto 2013

  • El problema de FileFactory está resuelto, pero ya he descargado un par de veces la parte 09 y da siempre error en la descompresión (también con programas distintos).


    28 septiembre 2013

  • aqui un interesado en que se arregle las partes dañadas


    31 diciembre 2013

  • Joder, macho, mira un poco porque eso ya está arreglado y lo tienes en el post de portada.


    31 diciembre 2013

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