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Sacred Reich – RockHard Festival 2014

SacredReichRockHard2014 copy

Sacred Reich
Rock Hard Festival
Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen
7 June 2014

Broadcast by WDR
DBV-S Recording w/Topfield
Authored with DVD Studio Pro
36.57 Minutes
Artwork included

Video: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 16/9, 25 fps
Audio: MP2 Stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kpbs
Data bit: 5,73 Mbps


Independent *
One Nation
Love… Hate *
State Of Emergency *
Death Squad
Crimes Against Humanity
Who’s To Blame
War Pigs
The American Way
Surf Nicaragua *

* Not Broadcast

This is a «link post» no te usual DVD post, so you must press the post title to go to the right place. Este no es la típica entrada de de DVD, así que debes apretar el título del post para que te lleve al sitio correcto

But you can download the artwork from here. Y aquí puedes descargar la portada.

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Screenshots: (Deleted by request from TV program)

  • Thanks for sharing !!
    Nice couple of releases from Rock Hard Festival indeed !
    Any more to come up ?


    25 junio 2014

  • The compilation with the rest of shorter broadcast. Up right now. As I said to you the only missing is the german band, I only record german bands if they are special (Rammstein, etc…), not interested in generic german rock and roll bands.


    26 junio 2014

  • My point of view concerning Die Apokalyptischen Reiter is a bit different than yours, but your are the boss, so you are the only one to decide what is to be enclosed or not on your DVDs, and I 100% respect your decisions and thank you very much for sharing all these gigs for free !


    27 junio 2014

  • Nuno is not about Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, is about all the german bands. I never share them with the exception of the likes of Kraftwerk, Can, Scorpions, In Xtremo, Rammstein, and similar notable acts that are of general interest. For the rest being broadcast by a german network I left them in the hands of the german people that record and share things at DIME and other trackers. So I don´t considere them my business, that´s all. The most that I did, and only once, was to create an artwork for the Toten Hosen because a friend that covers me sometimes with back up recordings asked me to do it. You will see that artwork from an previous Rock Am Ring in my flickr but not the DVD in te blog.

    You can see that I share a lot of nordic bands in the Crossroads series but the germans that I don´t considere of global interest I left them to be shared by german people. That´s all.

    Think in Portuguese bands.I only have LPs from Xutos e Pontapés and liked also the music from GNR, Heróis do Mar and 7ª Legiao. So only if I get shows from these bands I will share them, but not from the rest, I left that for the portuguese people that knows who is interesting and deservers to be shared. And the same for France, I would share Telephone, Bijou, Noir Dèsir, Little Bob Story and Trust but nothing more if isn´t global like Mano Negra, Manu Chao, Air,…

    Maybe now you will understand why I do or don´t do some things.


    27 junio 2014

  • OK, I understand and respect your point of view. And as you previously said to someone complaining about your artworks, the rule is «take it or leave it» !
    Anyway, thanks once again for the great job you are doing on this blog !! I really appreciate it !!


    27 junio 2014

  • Thank you very much Txomin!


    25 junio 2014

  • Thanks for the upload.

    Gwénolé H.

    25 junio 2014

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