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The Cure – Sydney Opera House 2019 (MKV 1080p)

The Cure 
Vivid Live
Concert Hall
Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia
May 30, 2019

Live stream captured by IndyKid
TRT = 130:58 Min

LIVE Webcast -> FFmpeg (capture & edit) -> uncompressed .ts
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 16:9 2500 Kbps 30.00 fps
Audio: AAC 128 Kbps 48.0 KHz stereo

‘Disintegration’ b-sides
Delirious Night
Fear of Ghosts
No Heart
2 Late
Out of Mind


Pictures of You
Last Dance
Fascination Street
Prayers for Rain
The Same Deep Water as You

Three Imaginary Boys
Pirate Ships

Enjoy and share
kigonjiro.com 2019

Not For Sale – DVD Gratuito

Descarga desde/Download from FileFactory
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Some screenshots:

  • Thank you !

    Arthur Follmer

    31 mayo 2019

  • Thank you


    1 junio 2019

  • Just curious as to why, these days, people are putting stuff out on .mkv instead of burnable DVD, which are larger files and which I know how to burn on DVD-R. Do these mkv files have less resolution?


    4 junio 2019

  • I used to do both formats but DVD needs downgrade of video and authoring, is a lot of extra work that I can´t afford right now and more with the problems that I have with the old computer that is able to run my authoring program. And right now all is being braodcast or streamed in HD, for DVD you need SD.


    8 junio 2019

  • Hi Muldfeld !
    mkv are just a CONTAINER. you can but a lot of different Videocodecs in e.g. MPEG1, MPEG4, H.264, HEVC.. and no the Resolution is better you can make mkv with 1920×1080 or in UHD .
    The DVD has only 720×576 of Resolution and WHY will you burn it on DVD ???. ANY modern DVD player can play mkv Files just from a USB Stick. Put the MKV File on a stick, Connect it to you DVD Player and thats it.
    I cant image that your DVD is Sooooo old that he cant play this files. Even when you burn it as DATA DVR-R the Player can normally read it. And the «new» X265 Codec can make a hole UHD BluRay so small without any loss of Quality. And Yes its also a .mkv FIle.
    Hope i could help you through the Codec Jungle 🙂


    11 junio 2019

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