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Kevin Ayers & Friends – Musical Express (with John Cale, Andy Summers, Ollie Halsall, Zanna Gregmar) 1981 (REPOST)

TVE Studios, Barcelona, 1981


KevinAyersMExpress copy

This is one of my first DVDs created more than 8 years ago before to use the Topfiled PVR for the recordings and DVD Studio Pro for the Authoring but is a digital capture from a TVE rebroadcast.
The Ollie Halsall web page says that the audio of this show was included in the CD bootleg «Spanish Banana» and a web research shows this about the disc and the TV show. That review was first published in WAWS #2, Feb 93.

That bootleg included 2 bonus tracks from the BBC. These BBC songs aren´t included here, but I recorded some weeks ago 2 Kevin Ayers songs from Musical Express but different date (unknow) and I include them here after the show.

The WAWS review talks also about the interview. This is in Spanish, so I will include it here as bonus material but separated from the show, not in the middle of the songs as in the original broadcast. This way you will enjoy the show without to have to see the interviews. Is more time authoring but I think that´s the best way.

* There is a cut in Stop this Train (40:32:04). The source data was corrupted and at this point the sound started to freeze making it inaudible till the end of the song/show. So I come back to the source and isolated less than one second cutting before and after the second that caused the problem. After try a lot of possible solutions only this one worked, so I decided to apply it better than eliminate the complete song.

Created to be seeded at DIME in may 2006

Kevin Ayers y Amigos
Musical Express
Original broadcast by TVE2: 2 December 1981
Rebroadcast by TVE50: 6 May 2006
With: John Cale, Andy Summers, Ollie Halsall, Zanna Gregmar, Pere Colom & Miguel Figuerola

Captured using Terratec Cinergy T2 and Eye TV
Created using iMovie and iDVD
Total playing time: 0.29 minutes
Artwork included in the download

MPEG-2 4.0 mbps variable rate
720 x 576, 25 fps (PAL)
PCM stereo, 48 kHz, 1.54 Mbps
Data bit: 7.72 Mbps

Don’t Fall in Love
My Life
Heartbreak Hotel
Howling Man
Shouting in a Bucket Blues
Didn’t Feel Lonely
Everybody’s Sometime…
Africa / Stop this Train*

Extra content from other recording:
Diden ´t feel Lonely


Enjoy and share
kigonjiro.com 2014

Not For Sale – DVD Gratuito

Descarga desde/Download from FileFactory

Artwork included in the download. La portada está incluida en la descarga.

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Some screenshots:





  • Por fin! Gracias por publicar esto! Llevo años esperando, desde que lo ví cuando lo emitieron en su momento en TVE. Impresionante concierto. La verdad es que todos los programas de Musical Express estaban fenomenal, con grandes «mezclas» de músicos: recuerdo a Mike Oldfield con Diego Cortés, a Jim Capaldi con Miguel Ríos, etc. Y el que estoy buscando desesperadamente es el programa que se dedicó a Pete Sinfield (letrista de King Crimson). Hay ALGUNA posibilidad de conseguir ese concierto, por favor? Gracias por todo tu esfuerzo, hay gente que lo disfruta y agradece enormemente.


    11 noviembre 2014

  • Por desgracia solo tengo lo que pude pillar durante 2006, lo que duro el canal aniversario TVE50. Solo emitían programas de música los fines de semana y Musical Express no es uno que se prodigase en esa lotería, cayeron algunos conciertos que puedes encontrar en el blog de Rory Gallagher, Supertramp, Leonard Cohen, Camel (que no puedo compartirlo porque anda publicado por ahí)… algunos episodios de La Edad de Oro, que también están aquí, un par de programas de Tequila, y poco más. Algún playback de Aplauso o Caja de Ritmos… una pena que no siguiesen y le dediquen ese canal totalmente a los críos ahora porque podrían aprovechar perfectamente el horario nocturno para otras cosas como hicieron ese año.


    12 noviembre 2014

  • Gracias por tu respuesta, Txomin. Una pena no poder encontrar los de Musical Express, sobre todo los de la serie «Entre Amigos» que era donde se fusionaban los diferentes artistas y estilos. En fin, a ver si alguien lee esto y tiene algo guardado. Yo en aquella época no tenía video todavía para poder grabar, así que lo único que me queda es la memoria (por ahora aún funciona). Tambien añoro el fantástico Popgrama, que tenia conciertos estupendos (recuerdo Jethro Tull, Bob Dylan, o de aquí, a Triana). De esos sí que tengo algo grabado en reposiciones que hicieron en La2, pero aún no tengo los medios necesarios para poder convertirlos a formato digital. Algún día te preguntaré en el futuro por algún consejo, si no te importa. Gracias otra vez.


    12 noviembre 2014

  • El Popgrama de Triana en parte o casi entero está publicado con esta recopilación: http://www.discogs.com/Triana-S%C3%A9-De-Un-Lugar/master/496408 Si buscas un poco en los caladeros habituales seguro que lo pillas.


    13 noviembre 2014

  • Dear txomin.

    What a excellent DVD!!!

    I love 70’s British Rock.
    Especially I love what we call Canterbury Music (Soft Machine, Caravan, Hatfield And The North and so on).

    And I have not ever watched moving Ollie Halsall on video.
    I think Ollie Halsall’s guitar play on the 2nd album of TEMPEST is Great!

    Anyway, thanks always.

    Warm regards,
    from Japan.


    12 noviembre 2014

  • Happy to have you here. For your info we have here in the blog another DVD including Ollie Halsall, this time playing bass with John Cale, I think that Cale broke or had problems with his bass player just before to come to Spain for that show and Ollie that at the time was living (even producing and playing with some spanish musicians) here and he served as emergency bass player for John Cale.

    This is the show: http://bit.ly/gAvGGk



    12 noviembre 2014

  • Thank you for introducing another DVD including Ollie Halsall,
    and telling me interesting story about that show.

    I think there were no problem at all at that show,
    because Ollie Halsall was multi-instrumental player.
    AMAZIINNNGGGG!!! ヽ(^o^)丿アメイジ~ング


    13 noviembre 2014

  • Thank you for making this available again! Unfortunately, when I click the FileFactory link to download part 1, I get the following message:

    >> This file is no longer available due to an unexpected error. If >>you are the owner of this file, it will need to be re-uploaded.
    >>Please contact support if you require further assistance.

    The other links appear to work fine. I am a FileFactory subscriber, so I have no access problems otherwise. If there is a possibility that part 1 could be fixed, I would be most appreciative!

    Thanks and thanks for this great blog!


    28 julio 2015

  • Ask for it after the festival season in the post that I will open on top of the blog asking for faulty files.


    29 julio 2015

  • Thanks, I’ll be on the lookout for that post…


    29 julio 2015

  • Just wondering if PRT 1 has been fixed yet? cheers


    15 agosto 2015

  • If not a recent file still available in my Main Hard Disk I don´t do fixes till I open a repair window and ask for damaged files. Ask for it after the festivals season, I will publish a post on top of the blog asking for damaged files.


    17 agosto 2015

  • Could anyone share broken part1 file?


    9 diciembre 2015

  • part 1 is dead


    20 julio 2016

  • Is very old, must need to wait till the repair season after the summer.


    20 julio 2016


    ken lau

    26 diciembre 2016

  • I have Found the original will come back again in a few days


    7 diciembre 2017

  • Thank you so much for repairing the fileset and refreshing the links. It took a few years, LOL, but you kept your word, and that is awesome! This is a great show and I’m glad others will be able to enjoy it again!


    28 mayo 2018

  • It was a very old recording and my storage system is a mess so I´m happy that finally I found it.


    29 mayo 2018

  • part 1 and part 4 is dead

    ken lau

    13 mayo 2020

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