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Slade At The BBC

BBC Four Broadcast, 21st Dec 2012


SladeAtTheBBC copy

Slade At The BBC
BBC Four Broadcast
21st Dec 2012

Broadcast by BBC
Digital Recording
59 Minutes
Artwork included

Video: MPEG-2, 720 x 576, 4/3, 25 fps
Audio: MP2 stereo, 48 kHz, 224 kpbs
Data bit: 5,87 Mbps

This was packed and shared in 16:9 format
so I´ve corrected that mistake and re-packed it for you in 4:3.
Menus, etc… are the original shared by the author.
Martha My Dear-Monster Music Mash 1969
Wild Winds Are Blowing-Monster Music Mash 1969
Coz I LUv You-TOTP 1971
Mama Weer All Crazzeee Now-TOTP 1972
Gudbuy TJane-1972
Cum On Feel The Noise-TOTP 1973
My Friend Stan-TOTP 1973
Everyday-TOTP 1974
How Does It Feel-Crackerjack 1975
Gypsy Roadhog-Blue Peter 1977
My Baby Left Me but Thats alright Mama-TOTP 1977
Give Us A Goal-Cheggers Plays POp 1978
Well Bring The House Down-TOTP 1981
My Oh My-Harty 1983
Run Runaway-Rod Hull and Emu Show 1984
All Join Hands-TOTP 1984
Do You Believe In Miracles-Juice 1985
Radio Wall Of Sound-TOTP 1991
Merry xmas Everybody-TOTP 1973

Enjoy and share
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  • At first I must say thx for sharing this little piece from Slade.
    There’s a problem with part 3. From the upload until yet the
    system says part 3 is offline. Is it?


    25 mayo 2014

  • Is only a matter of time to have them back to service.


    25 mayo 2014

  • Thanks for the upload! Link no 7 is dead… 🙁


    13 junio 2014

  • Dead? Then I must be dead too the 5 minutos or so that I sleep every night.

    Dead or damaged are one thing and temporary unavailable other thing. The death has no solution but you come back from the sleep waking up, isn´t? Patience is the solution, the file will back to life by herself.


    13 junio 2014

  • Sorry for my impatience. It’s working properly now. Thanks!


    14 junio 2014

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