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The Fleshtones – C.C.O. Lyon 2010

Lyon-Villeurbanne, 8 de marzo de 2010. The Lyon Tapes.

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Lyon-Villeurbanne (France)
March 8, 2010

AUDIO lineage : Master digital matrix
AUD : SP-CMC-25 > ?? > TASCAM DR-1 – Stixiewho
SDB : Soundboard > XLR/miniJack c‚ble > Olympus LS-10 – Julien
matrix in Adobe Audition 3.0 > Wav (some edits) > Trader’s Little Helper (SB aligned/level 8) > Flacfiles – Lolive

VIDEO lineage : 3 cameras numÈriques (2 Sony HDR-XR500 + Panasonic) – Julien, Amandine and Lolive
videos + matrix audio edited in Adobe Premiere CS4 – Lolive
video : Pal mpeg2 – 720×576 – 16:9 – bitrate 7200 kbps
sound : MPEG-1 Layer 2 – 320 kbps
Total time : 51′ 02″

01 – Speedy Gonzalez
02 – Hitsburg USA
03 – Feels Good to Feel
04 – Hard Lovin’ man
05 – Serious
06 – Never Grew Up
07 – Way Down South
08 – Answers
09 – The Dreg
10 – (Theme from) The Vindicators
11 – Bigger & Better
12 – Destination Greenpoint
13 – Push Up Man
14 – It’s My Pride/Hexbreaker?

Enjoy and share
kigonjiro.com 2011

Not For Sale – DVD Gratuito

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  • maybe you can link and say «thanks» to the original tracker…


    25 marzo 2011

  • Amande, this was downloaded from DIME and the original authoring info is already in the credits, nothing is changed, even the original text file is the same. If this was shared before in another tracker I don´t know it.

    Olivier is my friend from years ago when he started sharing the Lyon Tapes at DIME and in these first days I created the artwork for most of his first audio torrents. Check my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kigonjiro/sets/72157624846057019/

    And as Olivier can confirm to you I asked him before to share this DVD here. In fact my private message is still in my DIME Inbox and is from march 9: «PS. I forget. If you don´t mind I will share the Fleshtones DVD in my blog in the near future.»

    The audio is credited: Julien recording -> Lolive edition and so are the 3 video camera recordings: Julien, Amandine and Lolive. And even the audio-video mix/edition is also credited: Lolive. So I think that all the credits are included.

    And as you can see here http://www.flickr.com/photos/kigonjiro/5498124753/in/set-72157624846057019/lightbox/ I´ve created also the artwork for the still unpublissed Bellrays DVD at the same venue.

    And, finally, Amande I´m registered at the lossless.fr forum but not at the tracker (I don´t know if they use the same nick and password). I say this only as the last proof of that I haven´t downloaded this DVD from the lossless.fr tracker.

    As the author of more than 400 DVDs in the last years I understand that the author must be credited and for that reason I always include the authoring credits (If I know who the author is).


    25 marzo 2011

  • Wow a Bellrays dvd! This is gold! Please post this!

    [ ]s


    15 abril 2011

  • I´m waiting for it. It seems that is not finished yet.


    15 abril 2011

  • Thanks for sharing this, but part08 is no longer available on FileFactory, could you please upload it again.

    Thanks again


    3 junio 2016

  • That´s very old. Must need to wait till the end of the festival season for repairs.


    4 junio 2016

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